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Finances March 1st, 2010-December 31th, 2010                                     (in Kwacha & Dollars) 

“For with God nothing will be impossible.”

This is a quote recorded by Luke, a physician, who writes a detailed account of the life of Jesus. This is a quote from an angel, yes an angel, who speaks to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Luke Chapter 1, verse 37.

Praise God, Who promised us self-sustainability in 9 months!!!!  Jesus, You are our Promise Keeper! You did it! I am in awe! Praise to the God who cares about every detail! He cares about every part of our lives- our relationships, our work, our finances, etc. etc. Our God reigns! And He is a great Dad! Zikomo Yesu! If you are doubting that God can do anything, call me. I will introduce you to the God who moves mountains for His children.

A special thank you and acknowledgement to our 25 year old financial accountant (smile) and Director of the Africa ABC Project, James Machila, who managed our financial books from March to December. James, we know how much work this was and we praise God for your integrity, perseverance, and love for Jesus!

Currently we do not have a computer based book keeping system, but our simple process of accounting is working for us until we can have the training and computer systems for something more current. Please email me if you would like to see our past budgets for 2010 or our current budgets outlined for 2011. Currently we are reconciling the books monthly and reporting our monthly budget results to the Board. It costs approximately between  2,500-2,800 US monthly for payroll, rent and operations (school, ABC, and training center budgets).

  CASHFLOW (From March 1, 2010- December 31, 2010)
Internship Trainings       115,000.00
Leadership & Montessori Training-August     225,000.00
Leadership & Montessori Training-December     580,000.00
Bible Truth Training          2,000.00
Donations from U.S.   2,881,443.64
Total Cash from Activities & Donations  3,803,443.64
Rentals       600,000.00
Salaries    1,669,000.00
General Maintenance        8,000.00
Snacks       112,100.00
Stationery       124,530.64
Ministry Metal Seal         65,000.00
Office Equipment       115,700.00
Waterbills          6,000.00
Toileteries         34,355.00
Staffs Lunch         10,000.00
Transport         58,850.00
AirTime       125,760.00
August Training Expenditure      119,854.00
Meeting Expenses          4,500.00
Paints(ABC)         17,500.00
ABC Allowance         88,000.00
Stipand          2,050.00
Late Salary Penalty       50,000.00
December Training Expenditure     136,120.00
Christmas Bonus         50,000.00
Total Expenses    3,397,319.64
Surplus January 1, 2011 (Praise God! He did it!)     406,124.00


  CASHFLOW (From March 1, 2010- December 31, 2010)
( A 150 Kwacha to $1.00 Dollar Exchange Rate is Represented)  
Internship Trainings             766.67
Leadership & Montessori Training-August        1,500.00
Leadership & Montessori Training-December        3,866.67
Bible Truth Training               13.33
Donations from U.S.        19,209.62
Total Cash from Activities & Donations       25,356.29
Rentals          4,000.00
Salaries         11,126.67
General Maintenance             53.33
Snacks             747.33
Stationery             830.20
Ministry Metal Seal             433.33
Office Equipment             771.33
Waterbills               40.00
Toileteries (cleaning items and toliet paper)           229.03
Staffs Lunch               66.67
Transport             392.33
AirTime (phones)             838.40
August Training Expenditure            799.03
Meeting Expenses               30.00
Paints(ABC)             116.67
ABC Allowance             586.67
Stipand               13.67
Late Salary Penalty           333.33
December Training Expenditure           907.47
Christmas Bonus             333.33
Total Expenses         22,648.79
Surplus January 1, 2011 (Praise God! He did it!)        2,707.50

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