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About Us – Wa Yesu Ministries & Zikomo Yesu Enterprises


The Malawi Montessori Project was developed as an initiative to start a small Christian Montessori School in the township of Ndirande in Blantyre, Malawi. A team of teachers and young people came to Malawi in June of 2008 to establish the school, bringing all the materials for a Montessori Early Childhood Classroom in their suitcases. The team engaged 16 potential teachers from Ndirande in a 6 day Montessori Intensive Teacher Training. Two Malawian women, Tisu Howa and Gladys Banda, were chosen to teach alongside Maribeth Sexton. The school opened in July with 6 students and soon grew to 28 students by August. Tisu, Gladys and Maribeth began teaching teachers at the local Community Based Child Care Centers (ECD Centers) in September. What began as a small project, developed into a Malawian Ministry and a Malawian Business Non-Profit (Wa Yesu Ministries & Zikomo Yesu Enterprises) with 34 staff members, a Management Team of 7 and Board of Trustees of 10. See our Programs tab for more information on the programs we operate for the community. 


Wa Yesu (For Jesus) is our Ministry that oversees our programs and activities! Zikomo Yesu Enterprises (Thank you Jesus) is our NGO,  our corporation, that generates funds to support the Ministry. Please see our mission, vision, core values & strategies below.


Our Mission:

To reach the children for the glory of God by honoring, understanding, and educating them to their God-given potential and by investing in, empowering and equipping those who care for them.

Our Vision:

We are committed to a nation of children that love and fear God. We are committed to young people who are equipped and empowered to provide for themselves and contribute to the development of their nation of Malawi. We look forward to a nation full of teachers, parents and leaders who love, honor and understand children and who are passionately committed to advocating, protecting and educating them with great wisdom and care.

Our Core Values:

  • To bring glory to God in everything we do
  • To educate the future leaders of Malawi to love and fear God and respect others.
  • To honor, value, and understand children and teach others to do so.
  • To empower, invest and equip parents, guardians, teachers, leaders, and families, to develop to their full-potential in Jesus and live lives that honor God.
  • To design our operations and systems under God’s authority and wisdom and according to Biblical principles of integrity and accountability.

Our Strategies

  • Establish and operate Montessori Christian Schools (Nursery, Primary, Secondary and University Level)
  • Invest in leadership development of our staff, clients and partners.
  • Train teachers, parents, and leaders to love, honor and understand children.
  • Continued self-sustainability and God-given business and development strategies according to the Word of God.
  • Continue to invest in those under our care and reach out to the children in need in our communities through our committed partners.

Our Programs

  • Montessori Christian Nursery & Primary School (67 Children)
  • Montessori Private Christian School (78 Children)
  • Sponsoring 8 Children  @ Blantyre Girls
  • Sponsoring 15 Children @ Tafeka Primary
  • Sponsoring  18 @ Nyambadwe  Private Sec School
  • Investing in the new generation of Teachers-Montessori Teacher Training (250-350 Yearly)  in Early Childhood & Special Education
  • Teacher Training,  Materials & Spiritual Development to 11 CBCCCs (Over 500 Children) weekly
  • Children’s Ministry Leader Trainings (4x Yearly)
  • Rehab Therapy & Support to 22 Families with  Children with Physical Challenges  weekly
  • Leadership Development & Staff Education- 34 Leaders leading the way to a new future for Malawi- everyday.
  • Running 2 Income Generating Activities for sustainability
  • Working in partnership with 14 organizations committed to the children of Malawi

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