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Nation Building- The Girl Child

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

Three of our top ministry leaders, Jane Kabambe, Jane Jamu and Beatrice Kondowe, who are in their second semester of college, earning their BA in Primary Education, decided to teach and inspire the girls in the village.

Village life is very tough for girls, in particular. Pressure, physical and sexual abuse, witchcraft and the fear of it, lack of support for education, early marriage (even at 13 years), lack of guardians and healthy supervision and guidance, illnesses and lack of good health care and all the physical demands of village life… it is tough.

I am so proud of our leaders who are role models for these girls, demonstrating that anything is possible with God. They spoke to the girls giving hope and encouraging them to focus on their education. Our leaders have a strong voice among these girls, having encountered the same challenges as young girls themselves. This is what they chose to do for their semester project.

The strength of a nation is in its leaders, who will set the course for future development. God bless you Jane K., Jane J, and Bea! You have inspired these girls and given them hope in your counseling sessions! You have reached down to provide a hand to the one behind you. In the future generations, they will lead. We are so proud of you all!!!

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