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Thank You All For Your Love & Support!

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dear Friends and Family,
Thank you for all you are doing for me! I wish you could see the children’s learning first hand. It is so amazing! And for you Montessorians- Our head teacher, Tisu Mwanza, is designing the Montessori Word Building Language Series in Chichewa! It is so remarkable! Now the children will be learning to read and write in Chichewa as fast as they are learning English. Our children love school and demonstrate great independence, responsibility, and caring and confidence. We feel so blessed to be providing a great education and a loving learning environment to the neediest of children. We are expanding the school in April and adding children. Our teacher internship weeks are very fruitful. We are holding the next leadership and teaching workshop for a new set of community based orphan centers the week of April 6th. Then we will give their orphan care workers/teachers a week of teacher internship at our school to help them retain what they have learned. We are continuing to work with the Presbyterian Community Based Orphan Care Centers to help them develop new ways (IGAs=Income Generating Activities) to bring in money to fund their feeding and educational programs. We are going to give them a educational training on how to use a chalkboard to teach children and then give them three chalkboards per center. The Lakeside Team that is coming in May is donating money for chalkboards and shelves. You guys rock!!!

The Malawi Montessori Project has two goals: to teach the future leaders of Malawi and to support, resource and train those working with the orphaned and vulnerable children of Blantyre, Malawi.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact me by email or send a check to Attention Gina, Lakeside Church, 745 Oak Avenue, Folsom California 95630. Please write Malawi Montessori Project-Maribeth in the Memo Line. All donations are tax deductible and I promise to multiply what you give.

You can also donate used or new Montessori materials or make materials for us! (graphic matching jobs, cards and counters to 10, math memory games, etc.) books with African kids would be a plus too! The team in May can transport them. Be assured that you will be making a difference for the children of Ndirande (our town) and Blantrye (our city) Malawi. You can count on it!

We would appreciate prayers for our Lakeside team coming May 2nd. For their protection and provision. For the future of our school and training center. That Jesus would prosper the work of our hands. And that we would grow along with the children in faith and love. Great things are possible when you have a great God.
Peace, Maribeth
Can’t get pics on blog today. Will post pics next time!

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