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Please Pray

“If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” John 14: 14

We encourage you to read John 14: 12-18. We ask according to the will of God, as explained in the Bible. We ask because we know we have a Father in heaven who wants to help us and bless us with all good things.

Asking God to help us in the work we are called to do here in Malawi is essential. Please help us by praying. We are so very grateful for your prayers for protection and provision for our ministry, staff, Board, children & families, clients and partners! John 14: 12-18

  • Please pray for our Land Purchases- NW 303, NW 305, NW 424. That we can complete the sales agreements on time- August 31st!
  • Please pray for our leadership, both our Board & Management, that we would have wisdom, humility, discernment, reliance on Christ, and be  bold in admonishing and encouraging each other for full growth in Jesus, according to the Word of God.
  • Please pray for our organizations’ protection, unity and  provision as we seek to carry out the vision God has placed on our hearts.
  • Please pray that we would be able to help our children, families, staff, and clients grow in Christ.
  • Please pray for our nation of Malawi, for its development as a nation. Pray that our leaders would live sacrificially for the people, seek God first and His wisdom and be servant leaders. 
  • Please pray specifically for the protection of and provision for our children, food, clothing, basic needs, education, spiritual growth in Jesus, and wise guidance and love from their guardians/parents.

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