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Apr 20

Easter Blessings from Malawi

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

God bless all of you!  Thank you all for the support and love! Below are pictures from some of the things we have been up to as a Ministry and NGO in the past two months. This is one side of our ministry- our Montessori Christian schools and Teacher Training Center. I will post pictures of the programs from Africa ABC Initiative in a couple of weeks.

Great things are happening! Most importantly, please pray now, as we say in Malawi, now-now, for the purchase of our land in Ndirande. The family, who owns the land, is meeting this week to discuss a sale. You can see all the happenings in the photos. Not in the photos are some other great things that have happened over the past two months-
  • We had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our ministry and it was well attended with 33 leaders/teachers/parents/ directors from various organizations we partner with.
  • We had an open house for our private school last week and we added five more students- Yahoo! And we pray more will sign up this coming week.
  • I have been out marketing/ advertising all over Blantyre in the afternoons with Chisomo, a young woman who we hired as a teaching assistant for the private school. Praise the Lord, we found out she had a diploma in marketing, so I promptly asked our executive director if I could train her. She is lovely, loves people and enjoys walking around Blantyre with me to all the businesses sharing about the private school and our training programs.
  • The teachers have taken over the next four courses in the Diploma program so I am freed up to work on marketing, which is amazing and lovely! They are leading with brilliance!
  • Simon Nkambala is working with the women who are now leading our special needs program. It is developing really well. And Joyce Kasamba from Feed the Children Rehabilitation Center sent her (O.T.) interns in to spend time with us at the school to see what Montessori education is all about and how it can work with children with special needs.
  • I have been praying on what God has for me next. I climbed up the mountain to pray and what did I find unexpectantly. Children- 12 of them. (: I had the sweetest time chatting, praying, singing and dancing with them on top of the mountain. (See picture of six of them attached)

May you hear from God in sweet and unexpected ways!

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