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Oct 9

Heather and Sandy Have Arrived! Thank you Jesus!

Posted on Thursday, October 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dear Family and Friends,

Sandy Listberger and Heather Kreiser arrived safetly on Tuesday evening and the adventure began! I am so blessed by their presence! Do not underestimate the value and power of visiting a missionary! I am greatly encouraged and their visit is spiritually significant to the church of Ndirande. People in our church are so grateful that two women would travel from America to visit their church. By coming here, as representatives of Lakeside Church, and as representatives of all those I love at home, they are saying to these people, “You matter.” “Your burdens are our burdens.” “We care about the things that impact your life and we are interceeding for you in prayer.” This may seem like a small thing to us Americans, but believe me, it is not to the church of Ndirande, the pastors, my teaching partners, and those in the neighboring orphan care centers. You see, here in Malawi, relationship is what they value. A true relationship is better than a five course dinner, better than a expensive car, better than being successful, better than a credential or degree… People are everything to them. And people are what God values most too. Here are a few pictures of our adventures so far! Thank you for sending Heather and Sandy to me!

Love Maribeth

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