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Educational & Outreach Programs

Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission: To reach the children for the glory of God by honoring, understanding, and educating them to their God-given potential and by investing in, empowering and equipping those who care for them.

Our Vision: We are committed to a nation of children that love and fear God. We are committed to young people who are equipped and empowered to provide for themselves and contribute to the development of their nation of Malawi. We look forward to a nation full of teachers, parents and leaders who love, honor and understand children and who are passionately committed to advocating, protecting and educating them with great wisdom and care.

Educational Programs

Montessori Christian Nursery & Primary School – 66 Students

Education Scholarship Program for Middle & High School – 43 Students

Montessori Private Christian School – 78 Students

Montessori Training Center Programs/Trainings – 275-300 Trained Yearly

  1. Montessori Diploma Program in Early Childhood Education- 1-2 Years 

      2. Introduction to Montessori Level 1 and 2-  Week Long Introductions 

      3. Montessori Internship Program- A Practical Week

      4. Montessori Material Making- A Week Long Training

      5. Montessori Classroom Leadership & Design- A Week Long Training

      6. The Nanny’s Training Program- Child Dev., First Aid, & Care (3 Levels)

      7. Exceptional Children Training- Intro. to Special Education (3 Levels) 

Africa ABC Outreach Programs

  1. Educational Advocate- Training of Teachers & Educational Material Making at 11 Local E.C.D.s- Over 500 Children Impacted Yearly 
  2. Children’s Ministry Outreach- Training E.C.D. Teachers, Church & Community Members in Children’s Ministry 
  3. Special Needs Outreach- Working with 21 families from Ndirande who have children with significant physical challenges.  

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