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June Update

Posted on Thursday, July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Personally, this has been a very tough time for me with the loss of my sister in law, Angel. Thank you all for your prayers for her as she fought cancer for four years. So many of you, who never met her, poured forth your love through prayers for her encouragement and healing. We are missing her presence greatly. She was a gentle and loving presence in our family. I would appreciate your continued prayers for my brother, Mark and their girls, Maya(12 yrs) and Chandi (9yrs).

In our Ministry and Non-profit, God is just amazing in helping us in so many ways to continue to fulfill our mission for the children of Ndirande. Below is an update and prayer requests.

* We wait on the land. The owners are having the land evaluated and have not yet come back to us on a price. Timing wise, it is better for us to wait until September or October for a purchase. God does have great timing. We walked the boundaries of the property and prayed this monday afternoon that God would open the doors for a purchase. I attached two pictures. We also have two other pieces of land we are looking at very close to the first piece. But we wait on God to give us direction.

* It is with great joy and sadness that we announce our Educational Director, Tisu Howa is getting married and moving with her husband to Lilongwe in August. Tisu was the first teacher hired in 2008, the staff member and leader who has been with this ministry the longest. We will miss her so much! Please pray for her and for us, as we need a strong  and knowledgeable director for our private school in August. If God is calling you from the U.S. to serve in this capacity, please let me know!!!!

*Thanks to Deb and Jim House, our children here at our non profit school, Montessori Christian Nursery and Primary School are enjoying two nature field trips as part of their science instruction. The youngest children went to see Africa’s wild animals last week. (pictures coming) and our older students will be going overnight to Mount Mulanje this Friday.¬† So please pray for them! This is an amazing opportunity, because most adults and children have never been to their own Lake Malawi and have never seen the wild animals that their country and continent are known for.

*Please pray for us and our financial sustainability. This is our main goal this year- to return to our sustainable status. We have six income generating activities because we are committed to generating Malawi Kwacha for Malawi Kids and fund our own efforts to meet the needs of these children. Three big income generating activities coming up are: Montessori Teacher Training 14th July, our NEW Summer Fun Program (5 weeks of educational fun open to 2-8 year olds) beginning 22nd July and our Montessori Diploma Program beginning September. So please pray over all the details and that people take advantage of our programs!

* A thank you to the special needs team led by Dr. Eun Mi Cho, Joy Center, who visited us last week to see our ministry. I thank you for great special education tests and all the sweet blessings you all brought for the children.

* Lastly, if God is calling you to serve in Malawi, email me and we will pray. I would love a mature (not necessarily old) Christian, humble, caring, hardworking, flexible, committed partner to join me in August for a year. Please pray for more help here on the ground with the ministry, whether it is Malawian leadership or U.S. leadership.

Thanks Jesus for walking this journey with us. We are very grateful for your love, wisdom and protection.

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