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Pastor Jeff’s Visit

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

It was a blessing to have Jeff visit! Thank you everyone who prayed for him and supported him. Thank you Heather, Nathanael, Bryce, and Joel for all the clothes, shoes, cars and candy! The pastors and their families were thrilled to get all the items! I admit I ate a few pieces of candy, but hey Kreiser boys, I figure if I can jump on a trampoline with you for hours, I have earned a few chocolate bars! We like things with lots of sugar here in Malawi. Thank you guys for having such generous hearts!!!

I want to let you all know, especially those at Lakeside, that Jeff worked really, really, really hard for the full two days that he visited. My church family here got every little bit of wisdom and training that they could. He led a leadership training on church growth and administration for the pastors and leaders at our Ndirande Acts III Church and it was exceptional from all reports! But what Jeff will be remembered for in the minds and hearts of my church family here is his great love, encouragement, knowledge of scripture and commitment to prayer. “For as many as are lead by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.” Romans 8:14 Thank you for listening and responding to the Holy Spirit in ministering to my church family here. Thank you Jeff, my true brother in Christ, for blessing those I love. It is truly the most beautiful gift! Here are some pics of his trip. Love, Maribeth P.S. Having tec problems. More pics to come! Sorry only two pre-Jeff pics.

A Week of Miracles and Great Learning!

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Thank you for your prayers! We delivered on a remarkable training for the Presbyterian Community Based Orphan Care Center directors and teachers. It was one amazing day after another. There is no way to explain the spirit of the training, the fullness of the learning, nor the events that transpired except for the presence of God. And our recognition ceremony on Friday was filled with joy and a spirit of great accomplishment for the participants and all of us trainers (Mary O’Neill, Tisu Mwanza, Gladys Mnunkha Banda and I).

Mary O’Neill (Montessori preschool owner and leader in organizational empowerment) brought a much needed leadership, accountability, vision casting and team building aspect to the Montessori training and leadership development workshop. I redesigned the presentations for all the Montessori academic areas for greater application and accountability. We had each center create a mission statement page called “Mission Statement- This is What We Believe” for each section we presented. They completed the workshop with 10 + pages ( to hang on their center walls) explaining what they are committed to in teaching children, health and safety, communication, curriculum design and planning, management, etc. We requested a high level of participation in our week and we gave the center directors a list of actions to complete by our center visits on Feb 10th & 11th.

We have been approached to present and work with other teaching staffs and community based orphan care center staffs. We are all praying about the direction God wants to take this.

Our school is growing and we are out of room! The electricity has been going out this week and because we are inside the building it is very dark so we operate with candles. We are praying about what is next for the Malawi Montessori Project School and Teacher Training Center. We are waiting on God. There are many things He is saying about the future of the Malawi Montessori Project but I am waiting on Him to confirm the direction we are to take. Psalm 62: 1-2 More details next week for sure. Have great pics from the outstanding week, but cannot put them up for some reason! Next blog will just be pics. Love, Maribeth

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