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The Warm Heart of Africa

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Malawi- The Warm Heart of Africa


19 million total population

10 million people under 18 years of age

1.6 million orphaned or vulnerable children

1 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS

50% of the population lives below the poverty line

25% of the population lives in extreme poverty

Despite the obstacles, God has ALWAYS called and empowered His people to change existing spiritual and socio-economic conditions through committed prayer and action. The Malawi Montessori Project began as an initiative to bring a Christian Montessori School Model to Malawi.

Education is one of the 7 pillars of society. We are here to positively impact the education system of the nation. “The child is both the hope and promise for mankind.” -Dr. Maria Montessori  We believe that the Montessori philosophy and methodology, in its purest form, honors both the child, the family, and the teacher and allows for all to reach their full potential.

Through the eyes of Christ, we see children as our greatest gift and our greatest example.

“Let the little children come to Me…for of such is the kingdom of God.” Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” -Mark 10:14-15.

“Therefore whoever humbles himself as a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.”- Matthew 18:4-5

May we always value and care for the gift God has given us.

Malawi-The Power of a Teacher

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We are training teachers for two weeks in Montessori Early Childhood Education and Child Development. Our WAY Ministry Team of Teacher Trainers are leading powerfully!

Please remember us in your prayers and giving this season! Every little donation matters! You may think it is small, but God invented multiplication! Our goal is to secure our land for our Montessori Training Center. That is right! Plot NW Ndirande 424. Our goal is $51,500. This month of December! We are committed to impacting the education system of a nation. We train over 275 teachers yearly! God bless you!

Go Fund Me: (Not Tax Deductible)
Lakeside Church: (Tax Deductible)
Choose Tab: Malawi Support (WAY Ministries)

Lakeside Church (916) 985-3245 Location: 745 Oak Ave. Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630

It is Growing Season

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We give thanks this November for all of you who have invested in us!!!!  We are growing! Our schools, our children and our ministry!  Thank you all for your love, prayers and support for our work here in Malawi! We are growing and developing! Please see our two new classrooms full of children at our Montessori Christian Private School. Thank you for believing in us! Thank you for investing in our effort to positively impact education in the nation of Malawi through our ministry. Please enjoy the pictures of our children and staff serving Jesus by serving the children. A special thanks and blessing to our head teacher, Jane Jamu, who loves to see people and projects grow under her leadership! 
Please pray for the provision for our purchase of plot NW 424, to rain down on us! This strategic piece of land will become the home for our Montessori Training Center. We are very serious about impacting the nation in education. This is what God has called us to do. This is our mission and vision! We will keep moving forward through every obstacle and take the land for Jesus. For we shall see the transformation of this nation and the township of Ndirande. For it is for this purpose we were established. Amen! 

No Matter What

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No Matter What Your Situation, there is always someone who is struggling more than you. A team of children from our Montessori Christian Nursery and Primary School visited our local hospital that serves the southern region- Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. Their families, though in need themselves, donated soap and other basic needs to the children in the pediatric ward. The children played games and had an afternoon of learning together. I believe both groups of children learned about the love of God.   For all of you adults- Today you will find someone who is in greater need than you. Your job is to focus on others. The world says comfort and entertain yourself, take care of yourself first, but Jesus says that you will find your life as you help others. Small acts of kindness, can make a huge difference to someone!   As a very wise pastor said to me- You need to go off the grid. Shut off the noisy world and listen to God. May you listen to what God is saying to you today. He is talking. May your ears and eyes be attentive to His voice.  

Nation Building- The Girl Child

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Three of our top ministry leaders, Jane Kabambe, Jane Jamu and Beatrice Kondowe, who are in their second semester of college, earning their BA in Primary Education, decided to teach and inspire the girls in the village.

Village life is very tough for girls, in particular. Pressure, physical and sexual abuse, witchcraft and the fear of it, lack of support for education, early marriage (even at 13 years), lack of guardians and healthy supervision and guidance, illnesses and lack of good health care and all the physical demands of village life… it is tough.

I am so proud of our leaders who are role models for these girls, demonstrating that anything is possible with God. They spoke to the girls giving hope and encouraging them to focus on their education. Our leaders have a strong voice among these girls, having encountered the same challenges as young girls themselves. This is what they chose to do for their semester project.

The strength of a nation is in its leaders, who will set the course for future development. God bless you Jane K., Jane J, and Bea! You have inspired these girls and given them hope in your counseling sessions! You have reached down to provide a hand to the one behind you. In the future generations, they will lead. We are so proud of you all!!!

Please Partner in the Vision

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We are securing a home for the future our work for the children and families of our township of Ndirande. We are committed to positively impacting these children and families and the education system through our Montessori Teacher’s College and Montessori Christian Nursery & Primary School. The land is for these two purposes. If you would like to partner with us to purchase our land, please see the details on our Special Projects- Land page. Thank you! God bless you!

Mission, Vision, Core Values & Strategy

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Our Mission: To reach the children for the glory of God by honoring, understanding, and educating them to their God-given potential and by investing in, empowering and equipping those who care for them.

Our Vision: We are committed to a nation of children that love and fear God. We are committed to young people who are equipped and empowered to provide for themselves and contribute to the development of their nation of Malawi. We look forward to a nation full of teachers, parents and leaders who love, honor and understand children and who are passionately committed to advocating, protecting and educating them with great wisdom and care.

Our Core Values:
 To bring glory to God in everything we do
 To educate the future leaders of Malawi to love and fear God
and respect others.
 To honor, value, and understand children and teach others to do so.
 To empower, invest and equip parents, guardians, teachers, leaders, and families, to develop to their full-potential in Jesus and live lives that honor God.
 To design our operations and systems under God’s authority and wisdom and according to Biblical principles of integrity and accountability.

Our Strategies:
 Establish and operate a Montessori Christian schools
(nursery, primary, secondary, and university level)

 Invest in leadership development of our staff, clients and partners.

 Train teachers, parents, and leaders to love, honor and understand children.

 Continued self-sustainability and God-given business and development strategies according to the Word of God.

 Continue to invest in those under our care and reach out to the children in need in our communities through our committed partners.


Peace Table

Peace Table

Love of Literacy

Love of Literacy

Mathematics in Paw Paw Class

Mathematics in Paw Paw Class



History of WAY Ministries

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History of WAY Ministries.

They are on the way!!!

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Kelsey and Mary Aug 2014

Dear Friends & Family,

God bless you all! Kelsey (my returning Malawi buddy) and I are in Washington D.C. about to board the plane for Ethiopia then Malawi. We took a quick picture for you all. Kelsey will
be taking on the Administrator position at our private school in the morning. She will be working with our Head Mistress/Principal & Educational Director, Jane Kabambe at the school. She will be training the teaching staff in multiple areas- communication, organizational skills, technology, customer relations, etc. as well. She is looking at beginning her Montessori teacher training this September by taking the courses in the afternoon. Yahoo!

Thank you all for your love and support while I was back in the U.S. It is always hard to return to Malawi and say goodbye to everyone I love here in the U.S. Thank you all for knowing my heart and my mission. My brother Mike shot some quick video of me and put it together in a short 30 second piece. Here is the link below. Thanks Mike! You are amazing!

Please pray for us as we connect these next two weeks with our potential new parents, diploma students and department of education at Chancellor College in Malawi. We are committed to developing more partnerships and deeper relationships with the leaders and organizations that are committed to early childhood education in Malawi.

Kelsey is going to Malawi!!!

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If you haven’t already heard, Kelsey is headed to Malawi! She and Maribeth, along with 14 suitcase full of materials, will be flying out of San Francisco on Saturday (August 16th).

Kelsey has committed to 2 years and will serve as an administrator for the private school. She is an answer to prayer as she not only assists with the school, but will be serving as a support to Maribeth and the staff of the other ministries.

Please keep her, Maribeth, the staff, and the children in your prayers. If you would like to support Kelsey in this mission, please contact Lakeside Church.

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