The Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi- The Warm Heart of Africa


19 million total population

10 million people under 18 years of age

1.6 million orphaned or vulnerable children

1 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS

50% of the population lives below the poverty line

25% of the population lives in extreme poverty

Despite the obstacles, God has ALWAYS called and empowered His people to change existing spiritual and socio-economic conditions through committed prayer and action. The Malawi Montessori Project began as an initiative to bring a Christian Montessori School Model to Malawi.

Education is one of the 7 pillars of society. We are here to positively impact the education system of the nation. “The child is both the hope and promise for mankind.” -Dr. Maria Montessori  We believe that the Montessori philosophy and methodology, in its purest form, honors both the child, the family, and the teacher and allows for all to reach their full potential.

Through the eyes of Christ, we see children as our greatest gift and our greatest example.

“Let the little children come to Me…for of such is the kingdom of God.” Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” -Mark 10:14-15.

“Therefore whoever humbles himself as a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.”- Matthew 18:4-5

May we always value and care for the gift God has given us.

Please Partner in the Vision

We are securing a home for the future our work for the children and families of our township of Ndirande. We are committed to positively impacting these children and families and the education system through our Montessori Teacher’s College and Montessori Christian Nursery & Primary School. The land is for these two purposes. If you would like to partner with us to purchase our land, please see the details on our Special Projects- Land page. Thank you! God bless you!

Mission, Vision, Core Values & Strategy



Our Mission: To reach the children for the glory of God by honoring, understanding, and educating them to their God-given potential and by investing in, empowering and equipping those who care for them.

Our Vision: We are committed to a nation of children that love and fear God. We are committed to young people who are equipped and empowered to provide for themselves and contribute to the development of their nation of Malawi. We look forward to a nation full of teachers, parents and leaders who love, honor and understand children and who are passionately committed to advocating, protecting and educating them with great wisdom and care.

Our Core Values:
 To bring glory to God in everything we do
 To educate the future leaders of Malawi to love and fear God
and respect others.
 To honor, value, and understand children and teach others to do so.
 To empower, invest and equip parents, guardians, teachers, leaders, and families, to develop to their full-potential in Jesus and live lives that honor God.
 To design our operations and systems under God’s authority and wisdom and according to Biblical principles of integrity and accountability.

Our Strategies:
 Establish and operate a Montessori Christian schools
(nursery, primary, secondary, and university level)

 Invest in leadership development of our staff, clients and partners.

 Train teachers, parents, and leaders to love, honor and understand children.

 Continued self-sustainability and God-given business and development strategies according to the Word of God.

 Continue to invest in those under our care and reach out to the children in need in our communities through our committed partners.


Peace Table
Peace Table
Love of Literacy
Love of Literacy
Mathematics in Paw Paw Class
Mathematics in Paw Paw Class


They are on the way!!!

Kelsey and Mary Aug 2014

Dear Friends & Family,

God bless you all! Kelsey (my returning Malawi buddy) and I are in Washington D.C. about to board the plane for Ethiopia then Malawi. We took a quick picture for you all. Kelsey will
be taking on the Administrator position at our private school in the morning. She will be working with our Head Mistress/Principal & Educational Director, Jane Kabambe at the school. She will be training the teaching staff in multiple areas- communication, organizational skills, technology, customer relations, etc. as well. She is looking at beginning her Montessori teacher training this September by taking the courses in the afternoon. Yahoo!

Thank you all for your love and support while I was back in the U.S. It is always hard to return to Malawi and say goodbye to everyone I love here in the U.S. Thank you all for knowing my heart and my mission. My brother Mike shot some quick video of me and put it together in a short 30 second piece. Here is the link below. Thanks Mike! You are amazing!

Please pray for us as we connect these next two weeks with our potential new parents, diploma students and department of education at Chancellor College in Malawi. We are committed to developing more partnerships and deeper relationships with the leaders and organizations that are committed to early childhood education in Malawi.

Kelsey is going to Malawi!!!

If you haven’t already heard, Kelsey is headed to Malawi! She and Maribeth, along with 14 suitcase full of materials, will be flying out of San Francisco on Saturday (August 16th).

Kelsey has committed to 2 years and will serve as an administrator for the private school. She is an answer to prayer as she not only assists with the school, but will be serving as a support to Maribeth and the staff of the other ministries.

Please keep her, Maribeth, the staff, and the children in your prayers. If you would like to support Kelsey in this mission, please contact Lakeside Church.

Field Trips Full of Learning 2

Guava and Mango Group Field trip

Before school dismissed for the summer, the Guava and Mango students (3rd-6th graders) hopped on a bus and rode 7 hours so they could take an overnight field trip to Cape Maclear and Otter Point on Lake Malawi. It was an amazing experience! While there, they learned all about David Livingston and his accomplishments in the area.

They visited a museum where they were able to see skeletons of various local animals including elephants, otter, tortoise, and black mamba. They also were able to see the beautiful fish that are famous to Lake Malawi.

One of the highlights was being able to jump in and swim in the lake. For many of the students, this was a first.

Field Trips Full of Learning

Paw Paw Field Trip

The Paw Paw students (ages 2-6) took a field trip to Fisherman’s Rest this year, and they had a blast. They hiked for over an hour so they could see nyala, impala, warthogs, and many other animals. They even made a friend in the form of a little white dog who followed them everywhere.

Not only did they get to see many animals, they also were treated with a swimming demonstration. The amazing Beatrice hopped in the pool and to the great amusement of the children, showed them how to swim and pretended to be a crocodile. Fortunately, she didn’t eat any Paw Paw toes.

June Update

Personally, this has been a very tough time for me with the loss of my sister in law, Angel. Thank you all for your prayers for her as she fought cancer for four years. So many of you, who never met her, poured forth your love through prayers for her encouragement and healing. We are missing her presence greatly. She was a gentle and loving presence in our family. I would appreciate your continued prayers for my brother, Mark and their girls, Maya(12 yrs) and Chandi (9yrs).

In our Ministry and Non-profit, God is just amazing in helping us in so many ways to continue to fulfill our mission for the children of Ndirande. Below is an update and prayer requests.

* We wait on the land. The owners are having the land evaluated and have not yet come back to us on a price. Timing wise, it is better for us to wait until September or October for a purchase. God does have great timing. We walked the boundaries of the property and prayed this monday afternoon that God would open the doors for a purchase. I attached two pictures. We also have two other pieces of land we are looking at very close to the first piece. But we wait on God to give us direction.

* It is with great joy and sadness that we announce our Educational Director, Tisu Howa is getting married and moving with her husband to Lilongwe in August. Tisu was the first teacher hired in 2008, the staff member and leader who has been with this ministry the longest. We will miss her so much! Please pray for her and for us, as we need a strong  and knowledgeable director for our private school in August. If God is calling you from the U.S. to serve in this capacity, please let me know!!!!

*Thanks to Deb and Jim House, our children here at our non profit school, Montessori Christian Nursery and Primary School are enjoying two nature field trips as part of their science instruction. The youngest children went to see Africa’s wild animals last week. (pictures coming) and our older students will be going overnight to Mount Mulanje this Friday.  So please pray for them! This is an amazing opportunity, because most adults and children have never been to their own Lake Malawi and have never seen the wild animals that their country and continent are known for.

*Please pray for us and our financial sustainability. This is our main goal this year- to return to our sustainable status. We have six income generating activities because we are committed to generating Malawi Kwacha for Malawi Kids and fund our own efforts to meet the needs of these children. Three big income generating activities coming up are: Montessori Teacher Training 14th July, our NEW Summer Fun Program (5 weeks of educational fun open to 2-8 year olds) beginning 22nd July and our Montessori Diploma Program beginning September. So please pray over all the details and that people take advantage of our programs!

* A thank you to the special needs team led by Dr. Eun Mi Cho, Joy Center, who visited us last week to see our ministry. I thank you for great special education tests and all the sweet blessings you all brought for the children.

* Lastly, if God is calling you to serve in Malawi, email me and we will pray. I would love a mature (not necessarily old) Christian, humble, caring, hardworking, flexible, committed partner to join me in August for a year. Please pray for more help here on the ground with the ministry, whether it is Malawian leadership or U.S. leadership.

Thanks Jesus for walking this journey with us. We are very grateful for your love, wisdom and protection.

April 2014

Children-HeaderThe PEACE Newsletter

News About the Malawi team who
Protects, Empowers, Advocates for the Children & their Education

Latest News

March was a very busy month in Malawi! Streetchildren

  • We had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our ministry and it was well attended with 33 leaders/teachers/parents/directors from various organizations we partner with.
  • Dr. Sandy Chiphaliwali along with Nurse and Owner of Nyambadwe Hospital, Gertrude Kumwenda, presented to 29 girls and 11 parents/guardians from our Kings Kids Program. Gertrude and Sandy shared about Nehemiah and related the story of the walls of Jerusalem being broken down and the vulnerability that presented to the HIV/AIDS threat. The disease, how it can be transferred and Mountain tophow the girls can prevent it were all discussed, including warnings to the girls and their parents about specific dangers.
  • We had 72 parents/guardians and girls attend a program on abuse prevention in March. We began with worship, scripture from Nehemiah, and prayer. The girls and guardians watched a movie highlighting sexual abuse and prevention. Tandu spoke with them about the issue in depth and the DrSandyparents/guardians and girls were very attentive. You can see by the picture on the right that this was welcomed information. This was a serious session. We asked them to bring the information back to their communities and churches.
  • Joyce Kasamba from Feed the Children Rehabilitation Center sent her (O.T.) interns in to spend time with us at the school to see what Montessori education is all about and how it can work with children with special needs.
  • I have been praying on what God has for me next. I climbed up the mountain to pray and what did Land2I find unexpectedly? Children! Twelve of them! I had the sweetest time chatting, praying, singing and dancing with them on top of the mountain. See picture of six of them to the right.

WAY Ministries/Zikomo Yesu Enterprises – Children’s Center

Below is a rough timeline of the Children’s Center. Please pray that doors begin to open!

  • April 2014 – Purchase the land
  • May 2014 – Construction on the wall begins
  • June 2014 – School building plans approved by City
  • July 2014 – Begin infrastructure for water and electricity
  • September 2014 – Begin school building construction
  • December 2014 – School construction complete

Prayer Requests

  1. Please be praying for the land we believe is the land God wants us to purchase.
  2. Continue to pray for the Kings Kids who are some of the most vulnerable that we serve.
  3. Please pray that the trainings and education people received are shared with others.


Key contacts: