No Matter What

No Matter What Your Situation, there is always someone who is struggling more than you. A team of children from our Montessori Christian Nursery and Primary School visited our local hospital that serves the southern region- Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. Their families, though in need themselves, donated soap and other basic needs to the children in the pediatric ward. The children played games and had an afternoon of learning together. I believe both groups of children learned about the love of God.   For all of you adults- Today you will find someone who is in greater need than you. Your job is to focus on others. The world says comfort and entertain yourself, take care of yourself first, but Jesus says that you will find your life as you help others. Small acts of kindness, can make a huge difference to someone!   As a very wise pastor said to me- You need to go off the grid. Shut off the noisy world and listen to God. May you listen to what God is saying to you today. He is talking. May your ears and eyes be attentive to His voice.  

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