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Mission Trips

We have had the privilege to host five mission trips to Malawi in the past two years. Our effort in Malawi would not have been possible without the contribution of these teams. Zikomo!

Most recently our March 2010 Impact Team (March 20th-April 4th) contributed their skills and love.

Team Leader: Cheri Wieland  & Team Members: Melynda Adragna, Kim McVean, Jan Cookson, Ann Delagnes, & Jim House.

Zikomo to the participants of the March mission team to Malawi! This special education team ministered to the teachers and the parents of children with disabilities. They worked with children with various disabilities. Our team evaluated the children’s needs, make recommendations, demonstrate strategies for the parents and teachers, and develop interventions as needed. Some of our team worked and trained at the Chikondi Orphan Care Center for Children with Disabilities (Ndirande, Malawi), Feed the Children Malawi and Cure International , while the others videotaped the sessions so that trainings will continue after they leave Malawi.

Our special educators and therapists have indepth education, training and experience  in occupational and physical therapy, pediatrics, sensory integration, neurodevelopment, and orthopedics. They shared their skill and knowledge with Malawian teachers, specialists and parents so that the trainings will continue.

In addition this team encouraged and empowered the parents of these children by sharing the materials by Joni & Friends International Ministries, which is the  Biblical perspective on children with special needs. In all things, we depend upon the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to lead us in this work.

Our Malawi Media Team taped the sessions and created DVDs to be used in future presentations by the Malawian special education team.  

It is essential that we identify, take responsibility for and learn from the past failures of individual Christians and foreign churches who have ministered in Malawi. Only with God’s wisdom and direction can we have effective partnerships, which bring glory to God and leave a legacy of faith.

Future Mission Trips

If our programs and projects interest you, please email me at   Often people do not think going to Africa or participating on a team to make a difference is a real possibility. I will assure you that if God is calling you to participate, He will get you there. I would love to discuss your interest and ways that you can participate.

You have only one lifetime to make a difference. Do not let your fears or considerations stand in your way. Your training in the following areas can make a huge impact in Malawi: teaching, business, health, leadership and faith development.

However, God calls people to participate that have no training or skill, only a commitment to making a difference. We are praying about what God will have us do in Malawi in 2011. Please email if you have an interest.

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