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Africa ABC

Africa ABC Project

This program was established in June of 2009 and is run by our Malawian director, James Machila.  James, who went through our teacher training internship week, is painting Montessori educational artwork on the walls of 20 community based orphan care centers and training the center teachers to teach basic skills to the children.

He is working in partnership with the center staff to create an educational environment within each center. He trains the center teachers how to teach the children basic skills like number recognition, counting, English letter sound identification, etc by using the artwork and songs. The children learn about their world-geography, botany, zoology, and history through the songs and educational art. James and his assistant, Souzo, are doing a beautiful job of training these teachers who work at the local centers.

Each community based orphan care center in the town of Ndirande serves 50 to 175 children who are between 2 1/2 to 6 years of age. This is the structure that exists for early childhood education.  Often the volunteer teachers have not been trained and there are little or no educational  materials or books for the children.  Every educator knows the essential part that early education plays in the future academic and social success of a child. Beginning with the youngest of children we will impact the education system of a country.

A special thank you to Pegi Scarlet (Mission Team May 2009) who launched this project.

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