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Teacher & Leadership Trainings

Leadership & Teacher Training

In these 4-5 day workshops, we introduce practical leadership and business management strategies in the morning sessions followed by Montessori teaching methodology and teaching strategies in the afternoons. The combination of skills are essential for non-profit or for-profit schools and child care centers. These are the leadership and business areas that are introduced and practiced: customer service, staffing, inside/outside school environment, food safety, health and safety, employee rights, management skills, marketing, evaluation, and developing a business plan.  

In the teaching sessions, we introduce the three essential things teachers must provide to ensure their children’s social, emotional, and intellectual development: relationship, a prepared environment, and effective teaching strategies. We discuss and review the essential curricular areas of a Montessori teaching program: practical life skills, sensorial skills, mathematics, language arts, botany, zoology, history and geography. The trainings were specifically designed for those working with 2 ½ to 6 year olds.

We have trained 118 teacher so far!

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