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Malawi Montessori Christian School


The Malawi Montessori Christian School was established in July of 2008 at the Acts III Children’s Home in Ndirande, Malawi. A team of 12 educators and young people traveled from California to establish the school in June of 2008.  The team brought Montessori classroom materials in their suitcases and planned a six day intensive teacher training for interested teachers in the area. The team trained 15 potential teachers in the Montessori curriculum for teaching children ages 2 1/2 to 6 years of age.  The teachers received training in math, language arts, sensorial, practical skills, botany, zoology, history, and geography. Two teachers, Tisu Mwanza and Gladys Mnunkha Banda, who participated in the training were hired as the first teachers for the school.


The Malawi Montessori Christian school is providing a free education to 43 children impacted by poverty in Ndirande.  This school has been modeled after the California Montessori Project in Shingle Springs, California.  MMCS is a parent participation school, requiring parents/guardians to volunteer 40 hours per year, per child. The school was given as a gift to Acts III Global Ministries, the ministry constructing the Home. No children are living in the Home at this time as it is still under construction.  The children at the school are children impacted by poverty from the community.  The school has three classrooms, Paw Paw Class, serving children 2 1/2 to 4 years of age (pre-kindergarten), Mango Class serving 5-7 year old children(1st-3rd grades), and Guava Class, serving 8-10 year olds (3rd-4th grades).   Tisu Mwanza is now the Administrator. The school has two more teachers and two teaching assistants.

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