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Aug 14

Our Prayers & Planning for 2012

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

2012 Goals 

God has told us to invest in deeper ways with our staff and ministry partners & to strengthen the quality of the services and support we are giving to the children we are impacting. We are not doing more this year, we are going to do it better. We are praying to have a more significant impact in the places we are investing.

Montessori Christian School


Parent Feedback Form to be designed

Parent Volunteer Hours (Projected 2,000 hours):

Parent Meetings (Projected 9):

Parent Workshop in Chichewa

Two Special Trainings/Celebrations for Parents:  

School Expansions (Projected Adding 17):

Adding teacher for Paw Paw- Hilda’s partner

Partnership with Blantyre Baptist (Looking at September)

Teacher Hired for 6 & 7 & 8 (Waiting)

Addition of Montessori Credentialed Christian Teacher from U.S. (praying)

School Registered with Dept Ed. by June

Malawian Curriculum Blend Documented & Implemented with Montessori

School (Paw Paw) Registered w/ Social Services:  

10 Students Earn Bibles at our school (20 scripture memorized):

Begin to provide nutritious snack/meal by May

Special field trips for each class- June


Teacher Training Center


Internship Program

30 Interns Participating

Projected 80% of Interns Rate 3 or better on Feedback Form

Special refresher course for CBCCS

Material Making Course for CBCCS


Diploma Program

17 paying clients, 2 Partial Scholarship, 1 Scholarship: 

4 Teachers graduate April 2012; 5 graduate in September 2012:

Two visiting professors to assist with Diploma instruction

MTTC  begins accreditation process in July  

Partnership formed with Malawian University Teacher Training Department


Two Leadership & Montessori Teacher Trainings (July/Dec.)

 70 Participants


Montessori Consulting Program

Designed by September

Implemented (3 requests):





Africa ABC Initiative



Projected 25 teachers at 5 centers receive instruction in teaching strategy:

Projected 25 teachers at 5 centers receive instruction in material making:

Projected 300 children at 5 centers receive educational support weekly:

Projected 4 centers receive educational artwork, furniture & materials:

Two progress review meetings with CBCC Directors 80% attendance:

Creation and implementation of simple assessment tool

Provide material development workshop for 25 cbccs teachers:

New staff member

300 Children reached weekly


Children’s Bible Outreach

Projected 20 teachers at 6 centers received Biblical Training:

Two Bible Outreaches: Ndirande (April & December 2012)

10 children have learned 15 Bible passages and earned children’s Bibles:

40% of children at CBCCs memorizing scripture

Provide Bible material design workshop for 6 Center teachers:

Special Needs Outreach to 50 families in December


Hospital Outreach

Provide spiritual support for children & guardians in 7 wards at QECH four days a week (30 hours):

On average praying over on average 20 children four times a week per day:

Addition of Guardian Parenting & Prayer session once a week 1 p.m.

Addition of Evangelism and Christian Equipping session once a week 1 p.m.

Supporting 5 pediatric nursing assistants that provide educational play to children with prayer with Bible materials:


Special Needs

Provide Assessment and therapy plans for 15 new children with special physical needs in Ndirande:

Provide on-going therapy and support for 27 original families (40 total both centers):

Provide Christmas outreach and gifts of love to 50 children and families:

Provide 4 parent leaders with training via videos & Joyce Kasambe or other OT:

Home visits 2xs a month

20 parents attend therapy review course

Consulting provided by professionally trained O.T.


Street Kids – Child Empowerment (We work in partnership to support the children.)

Working with City Pentecostal Church in Blantyre on special projects

STEKA K10,000 monthly for kids

Special Easter Outreach to Samaritans Trust

Support to STEKA with application and contracts


Zikomo Yesu Enterprises


Continued sustainability of ministry

Savings for payroll taxes and pension

Savings for land purchase

Land purchase






Sustainability by IGAs

Addition of 2-3 Staff Members

Purchase of Copiers & Toners

Donation of Lightweight/Superpowered Laptop

Our staff is rapidly learning computer skills

James Machila U.S. Sponsorship Completes 2nd Year in BA Program

Paul Nyirenda  U.S. Sponsorship Completes 6 months Community & Rural Development degree

Tisungane Howa earns a Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education

Jane Kabambe earns a Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education

Hilda Mandota earns a Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education

Jane Jamu begins Diploma Program- September 2012

Social Welfare formally recognizes our work our work in service to the children of Malawi

Department of Education formally recognizes our work in service to the children of Malawi

Campus turns True North to serve the children again in entirety. A true change.

Guthrie Bible College: Staff attends towards completion

Jeff Kreiser visits us and encourages us

250,000 in account in U.S. for land purchase

Self Evaluation & Supervision of Staff 11 months, 1x a month:

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