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Oct 27

Dreaming Big in Malawi

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This is the view from the prayer hill behind where I live. You can see Ndirande Mountain. The town of Ndirande wraps around the base of the mountain. This is the area God has called us to impact. Please pray for us as we are moving buildings within our current campus. We have negotiated a very good rent for 12 months for the school, teacher training center and ministry office. Moving on our campus meets with the department of education guidelines and feedback our school registration. They wanted us to have a location that had more bathrooms, designated classrooms and where we weren’t packing up the school each Friday. God gave us the opening for another building on the same campus. We move the school and office today and Monday! Please pray for us! It has been what feels like 100 degrees for two weeks now. (But no complaints from this warm weather girl!)










Spanning the length of the picture, above the road, is the complex where we are renting. In its original design it was a center for children and youth, established by people of God to serve the most needy and vulnerable children of this region with a special education school, rehabilitation services, and vocational training. Most of the complex now has been rented out to various businesses. There is a possibility that the complex will be up for sale in this upcoming year. If it becomes available and the paperwork(land deed/title) are all in order, we will buy it. I don’t know how we will buy it, but we will buy it. And return it to the children. I have designs for every building on campus. God has given me a vision for the entire campus. I told Him, if it is available for sale, then that will be my sign to buy it.  Amen!  So pray for us as we discern God’s will and pray for this property, that it will glorify God and serve the children of Malawi once again.










Since March of 2010, we have packed up our school every Friday and stored it til Monday in our 10 by 10 office space. This has been a big job to accomplish weekly. In Malawi it is called shifting and no one likes it! It has developed perserverance and commitment among our staff members to take care of precious materials and pack and then sort the following Monday of every week at 6 a.m.  It is with a spirit of gratitude and celebration that we move our school, training center, and ministry office from the hall to a location on the same campus today and this Monday. We will no longer need to pack up weekly. Everyone is extremely excited!!! Amen! Thank you Jesus! Please pray for us as we accomplish this and look at what God has for us next. love, maribeth









Teachers celebrating our new digs! We have two rooms this size a large hall, big enough for a library, etc. An office space in between the rooms. Tons of storage space for Materials and diploma program books. Four toliets, six sinks, and two showers! Never thought I would be so excited about toliets! Lots of windows (I am crazy about windows.), great breeze, safe spot, room for a garden, and a 12 month lease. We are very happy! Everyones happy! Praise God! He did it!










They are really happy! And when our staff is happy, I am so very happy!









Our ABC Initiative Team enjoying a fanta in our new office after a very big and hot move! Thank you gentlemen!

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